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Missouri and Kansas Personal Injury Lawyer

What is a Personal Injury in Missouri and Kansas?

Personal injury is when a person is injured due to some other person’s or corporation’s negligence. The most typical types of personal injury cases are auto accident injuries, medical malpractice injuries, trucking crash injuries, birth injuries, dog bite injuries, work injuries and wrongful death.

As a Missouri and Kansas personal injury lawyer, the most common types of personal injury that I encounter:
  • car accidents
  • truck accidents
  • accidents at work
  • slip and fall
  • dog bites
  • birth defective
  • products
  • assaults
  • medical malpractice injuries
  • wrongful death


Missouri and Kansas Injury Cases

What are the stats on personal injury and car accidents?

In the United States each year there are 1.6 million rear end auto accidents which could result in a injury.  There are about 634,000 side collision car accidents, or T-bone accidents, which occur at intersections which could result in personal injury.  Finally, there are about 431,000 annual car accidents due to lane changes while driving.  The injuries a person could suffer in these types of accidents range from no injury, to brain injuries or death.

How does tort reform affect Missouri and Kansas medical malpractice injury cases?

In Missouri, tort reform measures have placed a cap, or a limit, on how much compensation an injured person can receive due to medical professional or hospital negligence.  The limit is $350,000 for physical pain and emotional suffering no matter what the person’s life long personal injuries are: paraplegic injuries, brain damage injuries or wrongful death.
In Kansas medical negligence cases, tort reform has placed a cap of $250,000 on physical pain or emotional suffering the injured person can receive.

Traffic accidents are often caused by distracted drivers.

A texting driver is twice as distracted as a drunk driver. A driver talking on a cell phone is equally distracted as a drunk driver. In Kansas, the criminal penalty for getting caught texting while driving is $60. However, the likelihood of causing personal injury to yourself or the person you hit in a traffic accident is twice as likely as what a drunk driver would do. Both Missouri and Kansas in a civil case allow a jury to hear if the person who causes the injuries was not just negligent, but reckless when he/she was driving their car and caused an accident. A civil jury could increase damages to include punitive damages against the one who caused the injury accident.


Why use a Missouri/Kansas Lawyer?

An injured person in Missouri or Kansas must use a licensed attorney in the state.  

Not only because the rules require a Missouri or Kansas personal injury attorney to represent the injured person, but also only the licensed or trained attorney would know the state’s laws in personal injury.  For example, in Missouri, auto accident victims can use Med Pay benefits available on their auto insurance policy to pay for their medical treatment and not have to pay it back.  However, in Kansas car accident cases, the injured person can use Personal Injury Protection benefits to pay for their medical care, but those monies must be paid back at the conclusion of their injury case.

An experienced personal injury attorney can help the injured person in many ways.  In a trial, the injured person’s attorney must explain to a jury, a group of people who know nothing about this person’s injuries or needs, the full extent of the person’s damages.  When there is future medical care needed, the attorney can make sure there is full compensation provided for these needs by working with a qualified physician and economist to determine the future costs.

The injured person can recover economic and non-economic damages when he/she is injured due to another’s negligence. 
Economic damages most typically include medical bills and lost wages.  These are harms that can be fixed by money. 
Non-economic damages are physical pain and emotional suffering.  The compensation for these harms is limited in Kansas to $250,000, no matter what type of case it is.  In Missouri, non- economic damages are limited to $350,000 in medical negligence cases.


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